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Your Visitors

Get a crystal clear overview of your visitors in real-time. See how many people visit your website, how many times they visit and how many pages they view. Your reports are automatically updated in real-time whenever someone visits your website or views another page. Zoom out to see a month-on-month overview and discover seasonal peaks. Zoom in to see your visitors by day or even by hour so you’ll know when it’s the best time to add new content to your website and when you can safely put your website into maintenance mode without affecting too many visitors.


See which countries, regions and cities your visitors are coming from and what languages they speak. Once you know where your visitors are from, you can track the geographical reach of your website or business. This can help you decide on which regions you should focus your next online and offline advertising campaigns. The language report allows you to choose the ideal language(s) for the content of your website so the majority of your visitors can read in their own language.


Get insights on the content of your website. See which pages your visitors like the most and which ones could use some work. This allows you to optimize the content of your website so you can attract even more visitors. The entry and exit pages reports allow you to see the pages that serve as excellent landing pages and through what pages your visitors leave your website again. This allows you to get a clear picture of how people navigate through your site and what makes them leave.

Incoming Traffic

See how visitors find your website. See whether they came from another website, from a social network, a bookmarking service or a search engine. Knowing how people find your website can help you optimize your advertising strategy. Do you need to focus more on social networks or do you need to optimize your search strategy? And because it’s all in real-time, you can instantly see the success of your advertising efforts.


Get an overview of the devices and browsers your visitors are using. And see if people prefer to browse your website using their mobile/tablet or if they prefer to browse your website from their desktop. See for which screen sizes and browsers you need to optimize your website’s lay-out and what new technologies you can use, such as geolocation or web workers, based on actual tests performed in your visitor’s browsers.